5 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021

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Oct 29, 2021 11:00:00 AM


5 Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2021

If all you want for Christmas is a new marketing plan, we're here to help. The season is hectic, and you may already be caught up in the rush of moving from sale to sale, but don’t drop your marketing campaigns! 

The best way forward is to get all your marketing campaigns hung on your calendar with care right now, so everything is all lined up for Black Friday and beyond.  Incorporate these five ideas into your holiday marketing plans so you can have holly jolly conversions. 

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1. Use Social Media for Holiday Initiatives

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 4.40.35 PMInstead of an advent calendar, fill up your social media posting schedule. Planning out your messages 25 days in advance (or even further) means your shoppers can look forward to a daily post, promotion, or sweet call to action.  

The more often you push your holiday sales and promotional deals across all of your channels (including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter), the more likely you are to reach someone when they're on their way out to do some holiday shopping. This strategy also keeps your brand top of mind and creates more touchpoints with new audiences.  

Just like your holiday candy dishes, aim for variety, so your shoppers never know precisely what they're going to get. Post a video one day, a welcoming post with an eye-catching discount code the next, and a picture the day after that. The goal here is engagement.

2. Create Helpful Holiday Content

It's the most wonderful time of the year! ...But, it also can be the most stressful. All of your shoppers are being bombarded by holiday-related decisions. What should they buy? When should they finish their shopping? What's going on with shipping/supply chains/shops closing/COVID-19? 

While creating fun, energetic content is definitely part of spreading holiday cheer, helpful and valuable content can feel like a breath of fresh air — especially as the holidays get closer. As the clock ticks down, your target audience will be researching ideas and gift options, and they're going to be looking for clear-cut solutions.  

According to HubSpot, "Listicles get 2x more shares than other blog post formats." So create clearly laid out, skimmable content that gives readers helpful information in a highly digestible format. If your audience knows they can rely on you for valuable information, they'll visit your site again and again, creating more touchpoints and building their trust in your brand.

3. Start a Holiday Email Campaign

Emails might not be as exciting as presents under the tree, but a surprising number of shoppers open them. "In fact," according to a collection of statistics curated by HubSpot, "email generates $42 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 4,200% ROI."  With the right email marketing tools, you can engage with repeat customers, new subscribers, and even shoppers with abandoned carts.  

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 4.40.29 PMYour emails should always be personalized to suit the recipient's preferences, so you might send different groups details about various promotions, reminder emails about their carts or products that complement past purchases, and more. You can also build up anticipation for holiday promotions tied to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Email marketing is cost-effective, engaging, and can give your subscribers information that they want to have. Ultimately, email marketing is the gift that keeps giving.

4. Utilize Ad Retargeting

If even Santa Claus needs to check his list twice, it's no surprise that your customers may need a reminder or two about all your business has to offer.  Ad retargeting is a great way to pop back up in front of customers who explored your products, nearly made a purchase, or otherwise engaged with your brand.  

With a strategic ad retargeting plan, you can focus on warm leads instead of focusing solely on hot and cold leads.  This stretches your marketing budget by placing ads only in front of "vetted" audiences who have already shown interest but may need another nudge. You can even use ad retargeting in the background by using automated tools and smart algorithms from Google or Facebook to keep tabs on busy shoppers.   

5. Plan a Partnership

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 4.40.23 PMNo one wants to go caroling alone. When you want to attract new audiences to your content and products, buddy up with a group of like-minded marketers or local organizations so you can go "door to door" with confidence. For example, your tea shop might partner up with a local chocolate store to sell gift baskets. Alternatively, your catering business might collaborate with a popular venue, so you both benefit from the holiday party demand.  

This is also an excellent opportunity to test out some cause marketing. You can earn some goodwill — and good cheer — by supporting a local charity or food bank that aligns with your brand identity. This both gives your organization some cache in local markets and helps your partner organization get more donations. 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Marketing 

These marketing strategies are a great way to spread cheer and brand awareness, but it's still a hectic season. Organizing and implementing all these strategies at once can feel more tricky than cheerful, so work with a media partner to get into the holiday swing. 

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