5 Marketing Strategies Home Improvement Businesses Can Use to Attract More Leads

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Sep 15, 2021 11:21:19 AM


Home improvement businesses are essential and always needed. This means there will always be an audience for them and customers eager to purchase their products and services. However, using effective marketing strategies is essential to help them rise above the competition and keep them top-of-mind. Otherwise, your home improvement business may get lost in the mix as more unique and compelling competitors attract more local customers. 

Marketing for home improvement businesses should consist of strategies that speak to their audiences and ensure that prospects come to recognize and trust them. The following are some home improvement marketing tips to consider to help develop the ideal marketing strategy. 

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Find Your Target Market 

When marketing to the right customers, you'll need to define and target them. First, you'll need to strategically research your ideal audience, which will give you a better understanding of how to reach them. You'll want to market to the people who will make your business the most profitable in your industry.  

You can start by asking a few questions to understand who you're targeting with your strategies. For instance, you could ask: Where does your ideal customer live? How far is your business willing to travel? What age and gender are most attracted to your offerings?  

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.18.05 AMIn most cases, your audience will be very local, which is why you should target specific towns and cities with your marketing content. You may also want to consider who your audience consists of, perhaps first-time homebuyers or families with smaller budgets. Marketing for home improvement businesses could also target people working with fixer-uppers, flips, or luxury home budgets. The more you take the time to understand your audience, the more effectively you'll be able to speak to them. 

Create Powerful Branding 

Make your home improvement business stand apart with a brand that locals come to know and trust. Your brand will ultimately be what sets you apart and makes you unique. There are steps to take to ensure you're building a successful brand.  

To start with, speak to customers directly as people with individual needs and wants. In doing so, evoke emotions that resonate with them. Remind them of their desire to have the home of their dreams. Be sure to use powerful messaging and establish your brand voice. You should then use this brand voice in all of your marketing content.  

With successful branding, you'll show people what your business is all about, including its values. You'll also be able to set your company apart from competitors. In building a unique brand identity, define your specific niche. For example, are you a luxury home builder, or is your expertise specialized in painting, lighting, electrical, or roofing? 

Up Your Digital Marketing Game 

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.18.18 AMReach ideal customers with digital marketing tactics that truly work. This entails strategies such as optimizing your website with good SEO. Strong SEO involves driving organic traffic to your website using naturally incorporated keywords in your content. Locals will search for home improvement businesses in their area, in which case you should show up on Google searches with effective optimization. 

In addition to SEO, you can use social media marketing to promote your brand further and engage with potential customers. There are many ways you can use social media to connect with your audience. Some strategies include showing some great examples of previous work you contributed to, videos of your services or products, and before and after photos. You can also answer questions that customers often have and grow a following as you attract more engagement. 

Content marketing is also vital. This could entail writing and sharing helpful blogs, along with newsletters for updates and seasonal changes. As you implement these strategies across your marketing, you'll be able to position yourself as an authority. 

Attract Ideal Customers with Lifestyle Marketing 

Home improvement businesses can benefit significantly from using lifestyle marketing to their advantage. Lifestyle marketing is a means of speaking to a lifestyle that customers either lead or want to achieve. Home improvement businesses can approach lifestyle marketing from a couple of different angles. 

One way to incorporate lifestyle marketing into the mix is to become a household name by lifestyle branding. You could also use your ads to show how your offerings contribute to the ideal lifestyle as it improves customers' homes in different ways. Through effective lifestyle marketing, you'll attract customers who want the lifestyle your home improvement company provides. 

Count on a Media Partner to Do the Heavy Lifting 

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.18.26 AMHome improvement businesses are very busy, which can leave them with little time to devote to marketing. As such, it can be very beneficial to collaborate with a reliable media partner. With the help of a media partner with experience in your industry, you can get business booming with the right strategies. In turn, you can benefit from supercharged marketing efforts while focusing on growing your business. 

Integrate Effective Marketing to Ensure Success for Your Home Improvement Business 

By developing and incorporating the right marketing strategies for your home improvement business, you can attract your audience and grow your company in the long term. If you need help putting together a well-planned strategy, consider working with a media partner with the time and resources to help your strategies succeed. 

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