5 Strategies for Superior Super Bowl Marketing

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Nov 5, 2020 8:45:00 AM


5 Strategies for Superior Super Bowl Marketing

The Super Bowl remains one of the most-watched live events every year. After a slight slump in viewership in 2019, the Super Bowl rebounded to 99.9 million viewers in early 2020, and the next Super Bowl in 2021 will likely see an even bigger surge in viewership. In fact, people are even more excited to tune in this year than ever before. The limitations on attendance at the game due to COVID-19-related concerns will further result in a larger number of at-home viewers. With so many people watching this event at home, brands will have an even better chance of being seen with strategic advertising.

If you want to learn more about how to advertise around the Super Bowl, the following are some effective Super Bowl marketing strategies that are worth implementing.Want to get involved in sports marketing? Let's talk!

1. Start advertising in the weeks before

To maximize the reach of your ads and ensure your brand gets some pre-game attention, start advertising early on before the big game. Doing so can help you capitalize on creating the experience at home.

Feel free to get creative when launching your pre-game ad campaigns. You could  demonstrate how you are going to be watching the big game by showcasing an enviable home stadium setup, with a picture-perfect shot of a home theater system and a lineup of mouth-watering snacks. This setup could then tie into your products or services. You'll be able to build excitement well before the game even starts and, in the process, draw more attention to your business ahead of competitors. Then, when game day arrives, people will be more likely to have your brand in mind regardless of whether you  purchased in-game ads.

2. You don't have to pay the big bucks for an in-game spot

If you're considering launching a Super Bowl marketing campaign, you don't have to worry about securing an in-game ad. There are plenty of  opportunities available earlier in the weeks or weekends leading up to the big game. In addition to  advertising before Super Bowl weekend, you can also opt  to run campaigns after the game, which are also popular.

For example, a sports bar may run an ad several days before the Super Bowl. The ad could feature a promo that attracts new customers ahead of the game. At the same time, the ad may indicate the cut-off time for ordering food for the game, encouraging a surge of sales before the game starts.

3. All-day coverage will pay off

In addition to advertising in the days before and after the game, you can still launch campaigns on the day of the game without paying for in-game spots. Consider the fact that there will be fewer people in the stadium this year, which means more people will be watching at home. People are also going to be all about Super Bowl Sunday with so many other sporting events being canceled this year.

Many of those audiences are likely to have the TV on all day before and after the game as they immerse themselves in the event. This gives you the chance to maximize your coverage with ads that play throughout the day around the game.

4. Plan unique and catchy creative

There are plenty of chances to get creative with your advertising when  creating the perfect memorable campaign. Keep in mind what makes certain Super Bowl ads stick in the minds of audiences even years after they air. For instance, many people still recall the odd-but-catchy "Puppy Monkey Baby" ad from Mountain Dew's 2016 Super Bowl campaign.

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While your ads don't need to be as outlandish,  they will  more likely  stand out with their messaging if they  are  unique and tap into people's emotions. Whether humorous or sensitive, there are plenty of ways to go about creating an ad that people remember long after the game.

5. Consider buying a package

Certain TV stations also offer advertising packages  which can help you    maximize exposure and increase the number of times your ad is seen during the highest viewed sports day of the year.  . Work with a media partner to customize ad packages that are a good fit for your brand. Compare pricing and determine which package offers the best deal based on your advertising needs and available budget.

Get Started on Your Super Bowl Marketing Strategies Early

Taking each of these steps as you develop your Super Bowl marketing strategies will help you create a winning ad campaign before, during, and after the game. However, if you want to make sure you succeed, it's important to begin planning and budgeting now. The sooner you get started on your Super Bowl marketing, the more likely they will be to get the results you want. Consider working with a dependable media partner to help you develop effective, memorable marketing campaigns that perform optimally.

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