7 Questions Your Marketing Partner Should Be Able to Answer

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Dec 1, 2021 1:29:00 PM


7 Questions Your Marketing Partner Should Be Able to Answer

Most brands today are teaming up with a marketing agency over hiring in-house to fulfill their advertising needs. Not only has this led to a significant amount of growth for many of them, but businesses realize just how much they can save when calculating marketing agency partnerships versus costs for finding talent (and often more than one), hiring, training, salary, benefits, and more.   

The trend to work with a marketing agency partner has gained so much traction for its success that IBISWorld reports that the industry has seen 12.2% growth in 2021, with annual growth averaging around 13.7%.   

The key to a successful partnership is finding a marketing agency partner that suits you and your business's needs best. To determine if your marketing partner is the right fit, they should be ready and able to answer these seven questions.  

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What are your core values?  

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.03.09 AMWhen evaluating whether a media partner is a right fit for you and your advertising needs, it's essential to ask (and receive an answer!) about their core values. Since a company's values are its driving principles, you and your media partner could clash if not aligned. 

For instance, Meredith Arizona values strong leadership. Meredith employees have said that they've trusted leadership "from the moment I met our leadership team," and "Managers/leadership treat their employees as valued team members, and they take our thoughts and feelings into consideration." 

This is important because when you're looking for results, the marketing partner's staff will drive them. A company that values its employees and strong leadership has reliable and passionate employees who will get you the results you desire.  

Some other core values to look out for:  

  • Change-makers  
  • Passionate  
  • Committed  
  • Expansive  
  • Collaborative   

What marketing services do you offer?  

The last thing you want to do is have a marketing partner for each marketing service you need. This can lead to misalignment and inconsistencies between strategies, efforts, channels, and more. Consolidating your advertising needs into one partnership or as few as possible will get you the most out of the experience. It will also ensure your customers are getting a consistently positive experience with your brand at every touchpoint.  

Marketing services you'll want working cohesively together, and therefore under one roof, include: 

  • Digital marketing 
  • TV advertising  
  • Lifestyle marketing 
  • Social engagement 
  • Email marketing 
  • Streaming & OTT 
  • Strategic Planning & Research 
  • Production 
  • Cause Marketing   

Can you help my brand grow?  

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.04.16 AMYou want to know right away what the potential marketing agency can - and plans to - do for you before getting into the partnership. This will ensure that you like the plan, and it often entails supportive examples of similar goals being achieved for other businesses.  

The worst thing to happen in partnerships like these is if you jump in with full force and find out later that the media partner can't live up to expectations - or worse, doesn't have any experience in getting clients the results you desire. 

With Meredith Arizona, businesses can count on a media partner with extensive experience driving results and reaching advertising objectives.  

To name a few goals, Meredith has helped company's receive: 

What will our partnership look like?  

Before locking yourself into a partnership, you will also need an idea of what your collaboration with the media partner will like going down the road. The way they describe the partnership, and essentially their company culture, says a lot about what you can expect from them moving forward. 

For instance, Our Culture at Meredith is described as a team of experts assisting, moving quickly, striving to be the best, and having expertise with heart. "We pride ourselves on valuing strong leadership and inclusivity. We hold ourselves accountable and aren't afraid to pivot and admit when we make a mistake. We strive to be the best in the business while moving quickly as a team. We are a hands-on team of caring marketers who are dedicated to our clients." 

What is your communication style?  

You're going to need an involved media partner who can communicate with you as much as necessary. Your company's success and growth are dependent on reaching your audience with your advertising. Staying informed on plans, deliveries, strategies, results, and more is important because it keeps you informed on how everything is going. 

Some desirable communication style answers include: 

  • Responsive 
  • Available   
  • Quick 
  • Thorough   

Do you know my industry and my target audience?  

You need marketing experts who cover all bases, from your brand's specific target consumers to the marketing methods that would be better suited to achieving the results you desire.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 10.20.48 AMMeredith AZ and our team of marketing experts have decades of experience with many industries under our belt. We also make it our mission to know every possible detail about your target audience specifically before implementing any advertising efforts. 

After all, you can't resonate with the right people if you don't: 

  • Know who they are 
  • How they prefer for brands to reach them 
  • The content/messages that will resonate most with them 

What expectations do we both have from this partnership?  

Both you and your potential media partner should be clear about the expectation you have for the partnership. This will ensure that both partners are on the same page, satisfied with the arrangement, and clear about their expectations moving forward.  

What you can expect from Meredith Arizona's team is: 

  • Knowledgeable marketing consultants 
  • Hands-on production crew  
  • Guidance in creating and delivering effective advertising campaigns 
  • A team that will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring goals are met and adjustments are made to strategies when needed 

The benefits of working with a media partner 

The benefit of working with a media partner is you get all the experience and expertise of advertising specialists all over the spectrum, without the hassle of finding and putting a team together yourself. With a reliable media partner, a team is already in place and ready to help your company reach its advertising goals. Everyone brings in their own personality, specialty, insight, experience, and ideas to form the perfect mix of marketers you need to grow your business and reach your target audience. Ask the right questions, and you'll see! 

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