7 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising

A massive component of a business's success is sufficient and consistent advertising. If companies don't do what they can to advertise effectively, they will find themselves falling behind their competitors and remain invisible to potentially millions of customers.

In some cases, businesses may not advertise the way they should because of a limited budget. They decide to spend more money on other areas of their business, including top-quality web design. However, that lack of advertising may prevent people from seeing that completed website. Many audiences will likely remain unaware of the brand as they turn to competitors who are actively advertising. Ultimately, sales goals won't be achieved, and the company will be unable to maintain an adequate budget to spend on all of the costs of running their business, with no room to grow.

If you can take the time to advertise your brand and make sure your brand is not only seen but also recognized and trusted, you'll have a much better chance of thriving. Don't underestimate the importance of advertising. To help you understand why you should be advertising your brand with a comprehensive campaign, the following are some specific reasons.

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1. Introduce Your Brand to New Customers

7 Reasons Why You Should Be AdvertisingOne of the key benefits of advertising is the ability to introduce your brand to new customers who may not otherwise hear about you, let alone find you. For instance, if you do your research to figure out what your target audience wants from advertising and incorporate it into your ads' messaging, tone, and audio-visual elements, that audience will be far more likely to connect with you.

It only takes around 50 milliseconds, or 1/10th of a second, for people to form a first impression about a brand. While that can apply to website design, it can also apply to advertising. With the right advertising, you'll leave new customers with an excellent first impression that helps establish trust, eventually converting curious viewers into loyal customers.

2. Retarget Existing Customers

Another advantage of advertising is increasing customer retention by encouraging existing customers to return to you. For example, you could have digital retargeting ads that appear on websites that your customers browse, which may advertise new or similar products based on their interests. Eventually, the customer may be interested in buying more from you because of those ads reaching them at the right time.

Around 3 out of 4 consumers notice retargeting ads, so making sure you're reaching out to existing customers can be an effective means of bringing most of them back to you.

3. Create Brand Recognition

7 Reasons Why You Should Be AdvertisingYou can also use advertising to make sure that your audiences come to recognize your brand. With repeat exposure through TV, OTT, digital, and other ad placements, people will begin to recall your business and remember you when it comes time to make a purchase.

It takes around 5 to 7 impressions before people can remember a brand, making it necessary to do what you can to stay in front of your audiences as often as possible.

4. Heighten Brand Awareness

Without a well-organized advertising campaign, many audiences may not know about your brand. You can't rely on recommendations from other customers or general word-of-mouth brand awareness. High-quality ads that appear on popular platforms that audiences regularly use can help ensure that your brand reaches the right people at the right time.

One survey found that 81% of consumers need to trust a brand before buying from them, and a brand awareness campaign can be the key to building that trust.

5. Increase Your Sales

7 Reasons Why You Should Be AdvertisingAdvertising isn't just for brand awareness, either. They can also be integral to boosting sales among both new and existing customers. When using Google Ads alone, companies see an average of $2 in earnings per dollar spent on ads

People who encounter your ads may be ready to purchase when they see your ad, or they may recall your brand later when looking for solutions to the problems they face. Customers who've come to like your offerings may also be encouraged to make repeat purchases over time.

6. Connect with the Community

Successful brands know how to integrate with the community, as they understand how valuable it is to show customers that they care about the same issues and causes they do. 

Seventy-seven percent of consumers purchase from brands that share the same values that they do, which you can establish by connecting with your local community through advertising.

Your brand could sponsor local fundraising events, for instance, or you can invest in a cause such as a local food drive. In the process, you'll show local customers that your brand is dedicated to improving people's lives in the community.

7. Keep Business Steady During the Down Times

7 Reasons Why You Should Be AdvertisingEvery business is likely to encounter some slow points, in which case advertising can help keep people aware of your brand and connect with your audiences consistently. Your advertising efforts should keep you afloat with enough sales to help get you through those slumps if done right. 

For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdowns caused many local businesses to lose sales, but channeling their funds to advertising helped keep those brands on people's minds, making sure that people wouldn't forget them by the time they opened back up. At the same time, advertising helps drive consistent online sales.

Use Advertising to Keep Your Brand Visible and Drive Success

With a robust, targeted advertising campaign behind your business, you can increase brand awareness, attract new customers, inspire more brand loyalty, and ultimately outperform the competition. Understanding the importance of advertising can help you develop an effective strategy that leads to unbridled success in the long run. 

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