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Mar 31, 2021 2:53:00 PM


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AC by Jay offers quality services on heating, plumbing, and cooling throughout the valley. Whether they’re managing HVAC installation and repair, helping with plumbing repair and maintenance or hunting down leaks, they have a ton of experience. Since their name specified air conditioning installation and repair, the company had trouble expanding their business to the other services they offer. 

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Josh Kelly, Marketing Consultant for AC by Jay, noted, "We are a more seasonal business, so we were looking for a way to get our name out there during the cooler months where air conditioning might not always be needed." They reached out to Meredith Arizona, who stepped up to help. 

Raising Awareness of AC by Jay's Offerings

MegaphoneAC by Jay started with several clear goals. They wanted to see higher lead volumes, decrease their cost per lead, while bringing consistent business, including ongoing leads, through the company’s doors. They needed a marketing plan to reach a wider variety of potential consumers and spread the word about everything they had to offer.

Meredith Arizona provided the tools they needed.

First, Meredith Arizona offered AC by Jay a partnership as a sponsor of CBS 5 Weather, placing AC by Jay in a highly visible role on the station. Not only that, their sponsorship made them visible during the weather report, when people are more likely to think about the functionality of their heating and air units. They also maintained a presence on other platforms and channels within the Meredith Arizona network to increase their reach and establish their presence. 

The Value of a Multi-Platform Approach

TV setA multi-platform approach within Meredith Arizona allows AC by Jay to reach a wide range of their target audience over multiple channels. It gets their name out to more consumers who might not otherwise hear the message about what AC by Jay has to offer. 

Their platforms include CBS 5, 3 TV, and, all of which help reach consumers with differing interests in their services. By becoming an integral part of these multiple channels, AC by Jay could expand their reach and connect with a targeted audience and as a result more potential customers. 

Expanding to multiple channels offers many advantages to any type of advertising plan. AC by Jay used their multi-channel marketing efforts to become a familiar name throughout the Arizona area, significantly increasing the odds that consumers will come to them with any of their cooling, heating and plumbing needs. 

Unique Offerings for Unique Clients

Josh Kelly admits, "We like to do things we can own. We wanted to do something different, and Meredith Arizona thought outside of the box and came up with something perfect for us. What we were asking for didn't exist, but they made it happen." The Meredith Arizona team listens to the client’s overall goals and offers insight to help achieve them. Then they provide opportunities matching the client’s needs, rather than trying to fit clients into a box that doesn't work for them. 

It's not just about producing a TV spot or buying a cookie cutter marketing package. In partnership with Meredith Arizona, AC by Jay created a marketing solution that fit their specific needs. The results were worth it. Thanks to their partnership, AC by Jay substantially increased customer awareness of the different services they have to offer. The community now associates them with more than air conditioning service alone. AC by Jay has seen tremendous results in the past two years. 

Last year, they saw approximately 25% growth and expect to see 30% growth in the coming year. This growth took place, not just in AC  installation and repair but also in the many other services AC by Jay has to offer, which clearly shows their increased marketing efforts are producing the results they want.

Take a look at the full case study to learn more about the AC by Jay story and how Meredith Arizona was able to help them achieve their goals.

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