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Feb 16, 2021 10:44:00 AM


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The Window Depot, a long-established brand in Tucson, Arizona, has changed the way America buys windows since 2002. The company has long prided itself as being "more than a window store." It offers various products to help enhance home decor, including doors, skylights, molding, granite and quartz countertops, locks, sinks, and more. 

The company had experienced immense success throughout the Tucson area. As it opened a new location in the Phoenix area in 2017, The Window Depot wanted to see the same results in that area. The Window Depot was already a popular choice for house flippers. Still, the company wanted to increase overall foot traffic to its Phoenix location and enhance general awareness of its offer. 

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The Window Depot came to Meredith Arizona with several key goals in mind:

  • Increasing foot traffic to the Phoenix store
  • Building brand awareness with homeowners in the Phoenix area
  • Communicating the factors that differentiated them from Home Depot, their biggest competitor. 

Meredith Arizona stepped in to provide The Window Depot team with a list of options to help the company meet those key goals. 

"The team at Meredith Arizona came in and told us everything they could do for us, and we believed in them. Everything they said would happen, has happened for us and more," says Ron Hess, President of The Window Depot. 

Meredith Arizona started by helping The Window Depot develop a 30-second commercial that utilized drone footage to highlight the enormous range of in-stock products available to the team. The team also developed a 15-second Milgard co-op spot, which would help drive brand-specific sales and increase its overall credibility. 

The Meredith team positioned these spots to air late during the workweek, on Wednesday through Friday programming. This strategy made those commercials available when homeowners were most likely to need to keep home improvement brands like The Window Depot top-of-mind. Most homeowners and house-flippers are most likely to take care of home renovation tasks over the weekend, and foot traffic at The Window Depot is naturally higher during those times. Focusing on that timing for the commercials helped raise interest and awareness when consumers were most likely to need it. 

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The Window Depot started with a year of broadcast TV-focused advertising on KTV and KPHO. After seeing successes throughout that year, The Window Depot added OTT and targeted digital advertising to its marketing mix. These elements allowed The Window Depot to target customers who were explicitly interested in DIY and remodeling projects. This marketing strategy also focused on specific zip codes around The Window Depot's locations. The Window Depot also included retargeting to place ads in front of consumers who had expressed an interest in the brand in the past.

The Window Depot has seen record-breaking sales month after month. Thanks to their partnership with Meredith Arizona, they have met many of their marketing goals, including increased traffic to the physical location and growth in their online store. Within just 7-8 months of opening, The Window Depot had doubled sales at its new location. Sales have remained strong throughout the advertising campaign. The Window Depot has continued to see immense growth, allowing the company to focus on growth and expansion. 

Do you want to see more about The Window Depot's success and the strategies used by Meredith Arizona to help the team reach its goals? Check out the full case review.

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