Define Digital Success with Measurable Metrics using Motto

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Mar 30, 2021 11:30:00 AM


Define Digital Success with Measurable Metrics using Motto

Over-the-top (OTT) ads are more prevalent as audiences watching TV in this space continue to grow.  Research shows that OTT ad spend has risen more than 70% in 2020. While these ads are getting more competitive and higher in demand, not every partner you work with can provide you with the insights you need to measure success. However, working with Meredith Arizona means getting access to the exclusive Motto platform. 

Motto is MNI Targeted Media's OTT analytics platform. Motto gives you insight into your campaigns with top-tier, important analytics. There are several reasons why Motto is integral for defining digital marketing success with OTT advertising metrics.

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OTT is Becoming Increasingly Popular for Advertisers

People consume content differently than they used to, including TV. As OTT stabilizes, it will attract a lot of consumers who traditionally only relied on TV. While those people may be relying less on TV, your ads can still reach them through OTT. Additionally, you’ll have access to the consumers who only use OTT and would not have been found through traditional TV.

OTT enables businesses to reach their target market with hyper-targeted ads that connect with specific networks and programs. Your ads only load when viewers are actively streaming, maximizing visibility by pairing with the shows your consumers most likely watch. With OTT ads, you don't need to worry about enough people watching them at a specific airing time or whether the ad is relevant to your audiences.

You Need Granular Metrics to Maximize ROI

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.45.45 AMTo get the most from your ad campaigns, you need access to vital OTT advertising metrics, which enable you to define your digital marketing success more clearly. The right metrics go beyond simple impressions and views, they can let you know precisely how your campaigns are performing against your goals. However, it's crucial to find a partner that offers these insights.

Motto Offers Metrics You Won't Get with Other Platforms

Motto provides reliable conversion indicators for OTT ad campaigns, reporting, and attribution capabilities that you won't find anywhere else. You can benefit from viewing specific metrics that give you unparalleled insight into your campaigns. That way you can optimize them more effectively to meet your goals and boost your ROI.

Some of the key metrics you'll be able to measure based on your goals include:

  • Site visits — You can add pixels on your web pages that help track traffic to your website from your OTT campaigns specifically.
  • Foot traffic — Businesses can determine if OTT ads bring people to their brick-and-mortar locations through device graphs, optimization-based reporting, and important metrics.
  • App installs — Businesses can also discover if people are installing apps based on OTT ads by ingesting and matching app install logs to OTT impressions.
  • Online checkouts — In addition to pixels measuring website traffic, you can use pixels on checkout pages that help measure conversions based on OTT impressions.

To reliably measure ROI, you can also use attribution and optimization tools that allow you to track return on ad spend and cost-per-action. This further lets you know whether your campaigns are working or if they’ll require additional optimization. To help you stay on top of your campaigns, you'll also have access to daily campaign performance reports that make it easier than ever to track your progress.

Target Your Audience More Specifically

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.45.50 AMUsing Motto and our data experts’ help, you can target audiences based on their specific geography, interests, in-market status, and other factors that enable hyper-targeted campaigns. Additionally, you will be able to reach people who are already in your sales funnel by leveraging CRM data.

These targeting capabilities help ensure consistent campaign efficiency by reaching only the people who are most likely interested in your offerings. It gives you more control over how you run your ads. You can alter your ads to be more specifically targeted, instead of pursuing the broader awareness campaigns that are effective on traditional TV advertising.

Benefit from Real-Time Results

One of the critical benefits of OTT ads is that you can immediately pull and make changes to them, which isn't possible with traditional TV ads. However, you also need to see the results of your campaigns in real-time to help make quick decisions around them. With Motto, you can see real-time metrics that give you in-depth insights within the time you need them. Subsequently, you can make faster changes that maximize return on ad spend.

Get the Insights You Need with Motto

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 9.47.50 AMMotto heightens your ad campaigns with real-time metrics and in-depth insights into your OTT ads. It allows you to quickly determine whether your campaigns are helping you meet your business goals and make more informed decisions to optimize them. 

With the ability to look at detailed conversion metrics and more effectively reach your audience, your targeted advertising campaigns can drive success. When you partner with a Meredith Arizona, you'll be able to reap the full benefits of Motto and get the best value for your ad spend.

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