Effectively Market Your Healthcare Facility with These 5 Tips

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Jan 4, 2021 11:45:00 AM


Effectively Market Your Healthcare Facility with These 5 Tips

Like many other businesses, healthcare facilities often face stiff competition in the market as other facilities market similar services. If you want your healthcare facility to rise above the crowd of competing practices, you need to maintain consistency in your advertising and remain top-of-mind.

If you would like to learn more about how to market healthcare services and make sure your facility stands apart, the following are some healthcare marketing tips to consider. Implementing these strategies can help you make sure your facility doesn't get lost in the mix.

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1. Share Testimonials

Testimonials are critical among many audiences, with 72% of consumers reporting that positive testimonials and reviews are likely to increase their trust in a business. If you want to win people over and assure them that your services are trustworthy, testimonials are invaluable to have.

Effectively Market Your Healthcare Facility with These 5 TipsYou could feature video testimonials from patients and partners, who relay their positive experience with your facility more in-depth. At the same time, you could create a dedicated testimonials page on your company website, listing written testimonials. You can also include blurbs from testimonials throughout your website to further build trust as people browse various pages.

2. Post Transformation Photos and Videos

Consumers don't like unpredictability—they always want to know what they can expect, mainly when their health and wellbeing are on the line. With patient content, you can host transformation videos and photos on a tab within your site, which potential clients can view.

In a transformation video, you may include an interview with a client before receiving a particular treatment, followed by "after" footage that shows the results once they've made a full recovery. 

You can do the same with transformation photos, but include a text story with quotes to accompany them. You could upload your transformation videos to YouTube, embed them on your website, or share them on social media. In contrast, transformation photos can take the form of engaging Instagram stories.

3. Have a FAQ Question on Your Website

Often, people may not be ready to speak with someone when considering healthcare services. Instead, they'll want to conduct more research on their own to assist them with their decision. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 4.47.35 PMFor prospects who aren't yet prepared to speak directly with your staff, develop and post an FAQ section on your website to answer basic questions about your facility and the services you offer. This can also help you on your end as people may have a better sense of what your facility is about by the time they finally contact you.

Consumers tend to want to do their research without speaking to a salesperson from the start. Once they're more serious about their decision, they'll likely be more comfortable talking to someone.

In today's healthcare environment, many people are concerned about COVID-19 and what healthcare facilities are doing to keep them safe and healthy. To help address these concerns, talk about the safety measures in place in your practice pertaining to COVID, along with other contagious illnesses. This can go a long way in helping reassure prospects who may otherwise be understandably leery of visiting your practice.

4. Create a Commercial

Visual marketing is essential, and video is one of the keys to making sure people remember your brand and the information discussed in targeted advertising. People are likely to retain only around 10% of the information they hear three days later. In comparison, they're likely to remember approximately 65% of the data when it's paired with a visual component. This also applies to TV commercials, which are likely to stay with your audience over other, less engaging types of marketing content. 

TV advertising remains one of the best ways to connect with your audiences and build trust around your facility. With a well-produced commercial, you could show your facility and give people a behind-the-scenes look into your operations. Commercials can ultimately put faces to your office and give your target audience what they expect.

5. Paid Social

Effectively Market Your Healthcare Facility with These 5 TipsThere are around 3.5 billion people on social media today, which translates to approximately 45% of the world's population. If you're not taking advantage of this marketing channel, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and gain their trust. There are many ways you can use social media for marketing your facility and supplementing the rest of your marketing efforts.

For instance, you could post transformation photos and videos for paid social posts, or you can share testimonials from clients that further build trust. You also can repurpose your TV commercials for social posts, giving you more video content to share online. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or boost conversions, paid social can be a vital asset.

Experience More Success with Effective Healthcare Marketing

Keeping these healthcare marketing tips in mind, you can develop a comprehensive healthcare marketing campaign that gives you the results you want. Creating a full-fledged marketing campaign is now more critical than ever as they prepare for the surge to come, in the midst of the COVID crisis and other illnesses.

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