Here's Why Broadcast TV Remains Advertisers' Top Choice Post-COVID 19

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Jul 19, 2021 8:43:00 AM


Here's Why Broadcast TV Remains Advertisers' Top Choice Post-COVID 19

Throughout the pandemic, TV ads drove sales and kept audiences consistently engaged. While most people are beginning to return to their normal lives, TV ads aren't going anywhere. Businesses will still benefit from using TV ads as a go-to source to connect with consumers.  

Experts agree that broadcast TV is vital to a post-COVID world, which is why you should continue to use it in the years ahead. If you want to learn about how to get started with TV advertising in a post-pandemic environment, keep the following in mind. 

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Get Ready: Post-Pandemic Is the Perfect Time to Advertise 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 8.48.26 AMAmericans are largely returning to everyday life that's similar to the way it was pre-pandemic. Within three months, people are going to want to resume regular activities as they've grown weary of COVID-related restrictions. With people's return to normalcy, advertisers can expect specific changes across various industries.  

As businesses reopen and people seek to resume their ordinary lifestyles, you can anticipate a rise in the following: 

  • Vacations and the travel industry 
  • Sporting events such as baseball, basketball, football, and hockey 
  • Concerts 
  • Live events 
  • Restaurants 
  • Retailers 

Industries that struggled throughout the pandemic are making their return as consumers revive them. If you want to capture these consumers, TV remains the best way to advertise. Digital marketing and other platforms are also ideal for advertising, but you shouldn't neglect to use TV as a primary channel for your business. 

Why TV Is the Solution to Post-COVID Advertising 

There are several main reasons why TV advertising will be crucial for businesses as the effects of COVID-19 fade. One key reason is that people are most likely to trust and be influenced by a TV ad over other content. Many people also use ad blockers online or simply stay offline more often, but these audiences are still likely to watch TV. This means that broadcast TV can connect you with ad-free users who otherwise might not come across your brand. 

In addition to targeting ad-free users, you can also use TV advertising to target people geographically. This enables you to reach audiences in specific service areas or locations where your physical offices are present. So, if you want to get the most from geo-targeting efforts, TV advertising is still relevant. TV also reaches the masses, and it will be critical to advertise to even the broadest audiences after the pandemic.   

Still not convinced why TV advertising after the pandemic is so vital for every type of business? TVB's Chief Research Officer, Hadassa Gerber, has cited several stats that reveal the necessity of TV ads in a post-COVID environment. According to Gerber, a TVB analysis of Kantar data showed that digital companies spent the most on TV ads from October 2020 to March 2021. Among those top spenders was Microsoft Corp. with $164 million in TV ad spend, Google with $219 million, and Amazon topping the list with $489 million. 

In that same Kantar study, respondents were asked what influenced them the most regarding product or service "awareness." Among those respondents, 53% of online retail customers, 54% of in-store retail customers, and 56% of automotive customers stated that TV led to the most awareness. Meanwhile, a mere four to six percent said that social media and streaming services contributed to their awareness.  

Additionally, 87% of adults ages 18 and over said "yes" when asked if TV advertising influenced their online search choices. That number was even higher for specific age brackets, with 92% of adults ages 18-24, 92% of adults ages 18-49, and 91% of adults ages 25-54 confirming this was the case. The Kantar study also determined that in the 2020-21 broadcast season, broadcast TV was behind 95 of the leading 100 A25-54 live+1 rated television programs.  

If you're not taking advantage of this platform, you're less likely to resonate with your target audiences as they continue watching broadcast TV. 

Now Is the Time to Implement a TV Advertising Strategy 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 8.48.34 AMIf retailers, venues, and other businesses weren't already using TV to advertise during or before the pandemic, it's important to use it now. The post-pandemic rise in many industries will be an opportune time to use TV advertising to your advantage. As more people get increasingly excited to plan activities after restrictions have lifted, businesses of all types should produce and launch TV ads to connect with them.  

Whether your business is in the travel, retail, entertainment, hospitality, or restaurant industry, you need to advertise on TV. When combined with a comprehensive digital strategy, you can maximize your brand's exposure and ensure you stay in your audience's minds. 

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