Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

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Nov 2, 2020 8:15:00 AM


Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

The holidays are an exciting time of the year for everyone, and this year is no exception. If anything, many people are likely anticipating the holidays more than ever based on the past unusual and hectic year. Your marketing campaigns could be the key to boosting sales this holiday season. Digital marketing alone influences 8 out of 10 holiday shoppers' buying decisions, according to a WordStream holiday marketing report.

If you want to meet the demand and needs of consumers this holiday season, you'll need to revamp your marketing efforts to reflect that. The following are some holiday marketing tips to help you get the most from your campaigns and boost holiday sales.

Paint a Happy Picture

One common denominator among successful and memorable holiday ads is their ability to paint a picture of s this festive time of year. Ads that encapsulate the holidays in the most appealing ways are likely to get people excited for the season.

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FedEx is a great example of a company that perfectly captured that holiday spirit last year. In its 2019 "Gift Box" ad, FedEx evoked those familiar emotions many people experience on Christmas morning, all while imaginatively showing how the company contributes to that experience.

Video ads are some of the best to use if you want to embody the holidays and influence consumers. The WordStream holiday marketing report determined that 68% of shoppers are heavily influenced by YouTube on their smartphones when making a buying decision. To reach these mobile users and many others, consider developing a full-fledged holiday video ad campaign.

Provide a Sneak Peek

Consumers always want to know what kind of deals they can expect to see around the holidays. One-third of shoppers find promotions to be the biggest influence of holiday weekend purchases, according to WordStream.

Consider providing people with a sneak peek to give them an idea of your sales and promotions. In doing so, you'll likely get more people excited to  do business with you specifically as the holidays approach.

Give Them an Offer to Act on

Providing an offer helps to give consumers a specific action  they can take advantage of over the holidays. Start by getting your customers to sign up for an email list or a newsletter, which can keep them updated about holiday sales and ensure they're the first to take advantage of them.

Offer early sales and promotions   prior to the weeks leading up to the major sale. By offering those early deals, you'll be able to attract more early holiday shoppers while building more anticipation around your bigger deals. In the process, you'll likely increase customer loyalty and make your brand stand out among competitors.

You can also encourage people to sign up for a rewards program that further helps encourage sales around the holidays.

Keep in mind that fears around the Coronavirus have led many businesses to launch holiday sales particularly early in 2020. Many top retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target launched winter holiday sales as early as October, so don't worry about getting an early start if you want to bring in more business. As shipping processes become increasingly difficult, you definitely don't want to hesitate with your holiday plans.

Let Them Know What to Expect

The 2020 holiday season will look different from previous years As such, it's important to let consumers know what to expect. For instance, you can indicate whether customers will be able to get the same deals if they shop virtually as they would when shopping in-store. You should also provide information on your website about what you're doing to keep shoppers safe this season. The pandemic has made many people especially cautious, so it's important to detail the specific in-store safety measures you're taking.

Also, let people know when you plan to open this year. You may be opening on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day or limiting in-store shopping to Black Friday weekend. 

Start Running Ads Now

The sooner you get started on your holiday marketing strategies,   the more successful you will be. Many people already have holiday shopping on their minds. They're planning on where they'll shop, which retailers they'll buy from, and whether they'll do all of their shopping online or venture out to stores.

You'll not only be able to reach more people if you get a head start with your holiday marketing, but you'll also be able to make more profit on each sale. A Deloitte holiday retail customer survey found that early bird shoppers spend up to $400 more than people who shop at later dates. So, if you want to maximize reach and profits, it's best to start marketing as soon as you can.

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Keeping all of these holiday marketing tips in mind, you'll be able to connect with your audiences early on, build excitement around your brand and your deals, and ultimately boost holiday sales. However, you may need some help with reaching your audience and developing a comprehensive holiday marketing strategy. A  media partner will work with you to create the right content and develop effective marketing strategies. In turn, you'll be able to appeal to consumers and keep your brand  top of mind this season.

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