How To Develop A Knock-Out Advertising Strategy For Your Brokerage Agency

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May 13, 2021 4:00:00 PM


How To Develop A Knock-Out Advertising Strategy For Your Brokerage Agency

Real estate marketing is essential for keeping your business at the front of people's minds. Staying top-of-mind is especially important in this industry to ensure people think of you on rare occasions when they need your services. You'll need to take specific steps as you market your brokerage agency to get the best possible results from your advertising. If you're wondering how to market real estate brokerage agencies, the following are some real estate marketing ideas to get you started. When used effectively, these strategies can significantly increase your brand's reach and awareness.  

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Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly 

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.10.48 AMToday, people frequently use their phones at various points during the home buying process- from their initial search and comparing properties and brokerages to scheduling showings. It's important to have a mobile-optimized website that appeals to these prospective buyers. A website designed with mobile users in mind will be more attractive to people searching on the go. 

Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Listings 

Well-photographed homes will enable your listings to stand out. Otherwise, your business could suffer from poor-quality photos that turn buyers away. A professional photographer can help ensure that your business benefits from high-quality images of the property and general location. 

Keep in mind that it's equally important to capture photos of the surrounding location, buyers need to know a lot about the neighborhood before moving there. People should see what the immediate area looks like and its current state, along with how the property looks compared to surrounding properties. 

Identify As Part Of Your Brokerage 

Real estate brokers depend on word-of-mouth advertising, which means introducing yourself as a broker will help people associate you with that. This enables you to initiate conversations with people on the go. Also, this allows you to be present in the event someone is buying. 

Write A Column In Your Local Magazine 

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.10.56 AMAnother way for your brokerage to connect with audiences is to write a column in a local magazine. By writing a column, you can introduce more people to your brand and use this platform to share more information. It is a key part of a real estate broker's job is to provide knowledge, reassurance, and guidance for home buyers. Subsequently, you can effectively move people toward a sale through a knowledge-rich and persuasive column. 

Keep In Touch With Home Buyers After The Sale 

Once you've established an initial connection with home buyers, you need to keep in touch with them to maintain your awareness. This will encourage more people to recommend you and ensure that you are top-of-mind over your competitors when they're ready to move. To maintain a consistent connection, you will need to work closely with these clients and maintain a close relationship with them. 

Pick A Real Estate Niche 

As a specialist for specific buyers, it makes it easier to cut through the competition in this industry. For example, you can specialize in working for home buyers with families or pets, choosing the most suitable houses for these audiences. Selecting a specific niche can then allow you to hyper-target your advertising to speak to these buyers. 

Send Out Nurturing Emails 

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.13.50 AMEmails are an effective means of keeping in touch with past clients, allowing you to regularly inform them of recent home buying trends and updating them on new market information. An email is a powerful tool for attracting and converting new leads, but it's also invaluable for creating long-term, loyal customers. If you're not using email marketing, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new and existing customers alike. 

Become A Staple Of Your Community 

Direct mail and local ads are also ideal for spreading awareness of your brokerage in the local community. Using these marketing strategies, you can make your brand a constant presence in a particular geographical region. It's especially crucial for keeping real estate brands top-of-mind and encouraging home buyers to call you when they need you. 

Ask For Referrals And Testimonials From Your Clients 

The real estate industry is heavily reliant on word of mouth and trust from clients. Asking for referrals and testimonials allows future clients to realize they can trust and rely on you early on. There are also plenty of ways to showcase testimonials from past clients, from featuring customers in online video ads and commercials and posting them on your website or as part of a social media marketing campaign. 

Keep People Aware Of You Through Effective Advertising 

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 10.11.14 AMKeeping these real estate marketing ideas in mind, you can develop a substantial advertising strategy that yields consistently strong results. You'll be able to keep your real estate brokerage at the front of people's minds, with a targeted digital campaign, exposure in local magazines, e-mail, and direct mail strategies as well as a comprehensive TV advertising campaign. With Arizona's population growth continually impacting the real estate industry, this is now more important than ever. 

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