Marketing During the Masters: What you Need to Know

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Oct 27, 2020 8:45:00 AM


Marketing During the Masters: What you Need to Know

Not only is the Masters one of the premier and most exciting golf events for sports fans, but it is also a great platform for marketers to reach a highly engaged, targeted audience. Fans of golf are even more excited about the return of the Masters this year because of the pandemic. Subsequently, more sports fans will be turning into this event and others than ever before as they seek a return to normality.

Opportunities for marketing during the Masters, along with other high profile sporting events is something you should consider adding to your marketing campaigns

The Value of Positioning Your Business Alongside a Sporting Event

Promoting your products and services during a large-scale sporting event like the Masters comes with numerous advantages. Some key benefits of developing a sports marketing strategy include:

  • High reach: Connect with potentially millions of sports fans tuning into a given live event.
  • Diverse audience: Reach many demographics that you want to target.
  • Engaged viewers: When sports fans are watching an exciting event, they're less likely to be distracted, particularly during more intense moments.
  • Multi-screen usage: Sports fans often keep the game on the TV screen while using another, giving you a chance to connect through both.
  • Loyal fans watching: People are more likely to tune into any game when their favorite teams and players are competing.

The future of sports marketing looks bright, even with the recent setbacks of the pandemic. By 2022, the global sports market is projected to be worth nearly $614.1 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9%. The USA is projected to gain the most at $31.83 billion. If you want to be a part of this growth, advertising your business alongside sporting events can prove invaluable.

Positioning your brand alongside sports can help you reach some of the biggest audiences and stay in the minds of sports fans with an iconic ad. Just think back to Gatorade's immortal "Be Like Mike" campaign, which epitomized the spirit of sports fandom. Aligning your brand with popular teams and icons can forever keep you in the minds of sports fans.

Benefits of Advertising During the Masters

In addition to other sports events, marketing during the Masters tournament offers several unique benefits.

One key benefit is that you'll be able to introduce your brand to new potential customers who may not have otherwise heard of you. Due to the increased viewership resulting from renewed excitement, you can place your brand in front of one of the largest, most engaged audiences. In the process, people will also come to associate your brand with the Masters. 

Advertising during the Masters can also make your brand an integral part of key moments in golf history. For example, Nike was there to celebrate Tiger Woods's fifth Masters win with a new commercial that effectively captured the moment. In doing so, Nike appealed to people's emotions and essentially became synonymous with the milestone. If you can position your business alongside the Masters, you'll also have the chance to be at the forefront of people's minds as history is made.

How Meredith Arizona Can Help

If you want to get the most from your ad campaigns during the Masters, Meredith Arizona is here to help. With a reputable media partner like Meredith Arizona by your side, you can develop winning campaigns to get the best results. We can help you maximize ROI if you want to leverage your advertising during the Masters or other major sporting events. Regardless of the event, we have the resources and experience needed to succeed with your advertising.

Want to benefit from sports marketing outside of golf? We can help position your brand alongside other exciting high profile sporting events. Outside of the Masters, we have an entire schedule lined up for that same weekend alone. On Saturday, November 14, we're planning for the highly anticipated SEC college football game between Alabama and LSU. On Sunday, we have the Masters followed by an NFL game featuring home team Buffalo @ Arizona. Within just these two days, you'll have the chance to advertise during both a major golf tournament and a mini-Superbowl ! All of these events are ideal for businesses looking for those big post-election ratings.

Leverage the Masters for a Successful Marketing Campaign

The Masters will give you the opportunity to increase brand awareness and make the most of your advertising. More people will be watching this event in particular as we emerge from a largely limited year of sports and a turbulent election season. If you want to maximize exposure and profits, the Masters and other upcoming sporting events will be the time to do it.

To get some of the best results from your campaigns, consider teaming up with a media partner. The right partner will be there to help ensure you take full advantage of this and many other lucrative opportunities.

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