Maximizing Your ROI with March Madness: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

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Jan 27, 2021 1:45:00 PM


Maximizing Your ROI with March Madness: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

For sports fans across the country, March Madness is one of the most exciting events of the year. However, many of these fans aren't going to be attending games in early 2021 as in-person attendance is still banned or extremely limited. The upside here is that your business will benefit from advertising around the NCAA tournament as more people are staying home. If you want to extend your reach to millions of viewers early this year, March Madness will be one of the best opportunities available to marketers. 

To get the most from your marketing during March Madness, here are some sports marketing tips and reasons you should be marketing during this event.

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1. More People are Tuning Into the Tournament

In 2020, the pandemic understandably led to March Madness’s cancellation, leaving many sports fans frustrated. On the other hand, that setback made people even more eager to attend in 2021 as the event makes a return. Millions of people tuned into the 2019 games, with 19.6 million people watching the title game between Texas Tech and Virginia alone that year. This year, millions more are likely to be watching from home and putting together their brackets to compensate for the disappointment of last year.

With so many people watching this year's tournament, you'll be missing out on a massive audience if you don't market during this event.

2. You Can Introduce Your Brand to New Customers

One of the benefits of marketing during an event like March Madness is the chance to put your brand in front of people who may not be familiar with you. You may have marketed to different audience segments or simply avoided sports marketing in the past, but you can reach millions of new customers during March Madness. Whether advertising online or on TV, people who may not be familiar with your brand will see you and find out what you have to offer as they celebrate this event.Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 1.32.38 PMFor example, some people watching March Madness may not spend a lot of time online or watching much TV. During this time, marketing on these platforms could expand your reach to people who may not otherwise come across your brand as quickly. Audiences of your other targeted advertising campaigns may also have different interests, while sports fans are a market you may have overlooked but who are still interested in your offerings.

3. Create Content That Appeals to Those Watching March Madness

Your business can get in the spirit of March Madness with advertising and other marketing materials that feature relevant, engaging content. You can create March Madness-themed commercials that build hype around local teams, or you can promote giveaways based on the outcome of certain games. In social media, you can connect with your audiences by asking them about their favorite teams and most anticipated games, encouraging people to engage with your business simultaneously.

There are many ways to get creative with your content throughout this tournament, which can help people positively associate your brand with the event.

4. Drive People to Your Website Via Your Commercials

You can use your commercials to supplement your online campaigns. One study found an average increase of 4.7% in immediate visitors following a TV ad, making TV a potentially invaluable asset to your digital marketing efforts. People seeing your ads on their favorite networks and during their favorite events can also build more trust in your brand, encouraging them to learn more about you. Around 88% of people in the U.S. use a second device such as a phone or laptop while watching TV, which makes them more likely to research your business and offerings if your ads appeal to them. 

5. Cross-Promote Across Multiple Channels and Platforms

To maximize your brand's reach during March Madness, don't stick to one commercial campaign on a single station or a solitary digital ad. Instead, branch out and advertise on multiple platforms and channels. Consider running various commercials across several stations, social media ads, Google display ads, and retargeting ads geared toward March Madness. 

To further build hype, you can post periodically on social media, write and share relevant blog posts, and create YouTube videos that supplement other video ads. If you take the time to develop a complete campaign that takes advantage of all outlets, you can ensure that March Madness fans will see you.

Market During March Madness to Increase Visibility and Engagement

Like other major sporting events coming in 2021, marketing during March Madness can help you connect with many audiences who may not be easy to reach. With an effective marketing strategy that uses relevant content and multiple platforms, you can make the most of this event to attract new leads and customers.

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