Successful Branding Tips for Home Services Businesses

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Nov 26, 2020 3:00:00 PM


Successful Branding Tips for Home Services Businesses

There are many home services businesses throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area. As a result, consumers have many choices. They can research the business that best fits their needs, from the services offered to their reputation and reviews in the market. For your business, that means branding is essential. You want your message to stand out and provide information consumers in your local community need to make informed decisions. Follow these steps to more successfully brand and market your home services business and increase your ability to meet your marketing goals

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1. Run a Commercial

A TV commercial allows you to showcase your services and explain what your business can accomplish allowing your current and potential customers to imagine the results that you could bring in their homes. It puts a face on your business and helps you brand your business through an auditory and visual medium. You might, for example, appear in your commercial to offer advice and as a result credibility, or showcase before and after pictures that will help consumers see your work. 

Investing in TV advertising can help increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign by up to an average 40%. They often have a high ROI, especially when combined with other marketing methods. TV ads also help raise consumer trust and create a deeper sense of connection with your business than many other mediums. 

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2. Host Video Testimonials on Your Website

Video testimonials help create credibility and show your work firsthand. When consumers view your video testimonials, they see what others have to say about your business. Have you helped create stunning outdoor living spaces throughout the pandemic? Do you excel at making the most of small indoor spaces or updating old, outdated homes? 

Your video testimonials will take consumers on a walk through your previous projects. Host them on social, use them on your website, and place them within your commercials. Through your video testimonials, you will brand your business as one that can be trusted: a home services business that delivers genuine results that customers can count on. 

3. Feature Before and After Photos

On your website, include a section with before and after photos that showcase your work. Post them on social media. You may even want to include them as part of your television commercials. Before and after photos show the stark transformation once the project is complete.

These photos can help create interest if the consumer sees a resemblance to their own living space: some of the before photos could look like spaces in their own homes that they have wanted to update for years. Your photos help brand your business as one that does great work. You're worth the investment, and with those transformation photos, consumers will be able to see it for themselves. 

4. Sponsor Lifestyle Segments

Work with a media partner to host segments on their lifestyle shows. You can offer tips, suggest DIY projects, and offer tricks of the trade that will help them make more out of their home improvement efforts. Through your lifestyle marketing efforts, you can increase overall brand awareness and connect your brand with one that consumers in your target audience already trust. 

Lifestyle marketing can help brand your business in several ways. First and foremost, it allows you to show off who you are and what matters to your business. It also allows you to create a deeper sense of trust and credibility within the community. Lifestyle marketing creates a personality for your brand and allows your audience to get to know you on a deeper level. Furthermore, it allows you to lend a helping hand to those who aren't yet ready to jump into a big project. It helps you create a relationship with them so that when they are ready for those bigger projects, they'll be more likely to choose your business. 

5. Publish a DIY Series on Social Media

Use social media to post a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in a big renovation project. Post weekly DIY tips and tricks. Your efforts will help create relationships and build engagement. As you post tips and suggestions, it will help generate a sense of trust and connection in consumers who are interested in starting their own home improvement projects. Maybe they do not yet have the budget in place to get started on a big project. Perhaps they need more time to make a decision. Your tips, however, can help them start the conversation.

As a home improvement business, you need to clearly establish your brand and let consumers see what sets you apart from the crowd. What makes you different? Why should they consider you for their home services needs? Through these efforts, you can set your brand apart to bring you more customers and grow your business.

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