The Difference Between a Branding and a Call-To-Action Campaign

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The Difference Between a Branding and a Call-To-Action Campaign

As a business, you need to cater to your company goals and those you are trying to reach with your advertising efforts. If your business isn't advertising with specific and achievable goals in mind, it can be harder to gauge your campaigns’ success. Many companies are also not entirely clear about the differences between branding and call-to-action or what these concepts mean. However, understanding these two differences can help categorize campaigns based on the goals in place and measure the results.

Here we'll review what branding and call-to-action campaigns are and determine which is the best to use based on the corresponding goals and audiences.

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What is a Branding Campaign?

A branding campaign is one with the primary goal of raising awareness for a brand. If you want more people to discover your brand, recognize it, and trust it, you need to understand the importance of branding campaigns in achieving these goals. Branding campaigns are ideal for new businesses just starting with small or no audiences. They're integral to gaining an audience's trust, which is necessary for today's environment: 81% of consumers have stated that trust is a critical factor in determining whether a brand is worthy of their business.

More well-established businesses can also benefit from using branding campaigns for in-between promotions or sales to keep their brand top-of-mind. Ultimately, branding campaigns are used to build relationships with customers. Suppose you can build brand awareness and recognition through effective branding. In that case, this will go a long way in establishing long-lasting relationships with consumers that can make them loyal to your brand for many years.

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What is a Call-to-Action Campaign?

Calls-to-action, or CTAs, encourage customers to take the desired action through targeted advertising. They have an end goal that requires the target audience to make a decision based on the action you want them to perform. Your CTAs may offer everything from free downloads to discounts on first-time purchases, or they may encourage people to contact your business to learn more about your brand and offerings. 

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Regardless of which type of action you use, all CTA campaigns are created with very specific end goals in mind. Unlike branding campaigns, you'll be looking for conversions as people turn from prospects into leads and customers.

Make sure your CTAs are designed to encourage your audiences to perform the desired action, with the right phrasing and visible buttons that make it easy. Another way to optimize the performance of your CTAs is to optimize your ad headlines, as 90% of visitors who read the headline wind up reading the CTA copy. With well-optimized and properly implemented CTAs in your ads and on your website, you'll be able to get optimal results from your call-to-action marketing campaigns.

How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

The Difference Between a Branding and a Call-To-Action CampaignIf you want to figure out which campaign is best to use for your business, it will all depend on the goals you want to achieve. Determine what your main goal is at the moment. Do you want to remain top-of-mind in between sales cycles, or are you trying to drive sales around a specific product or promotion? Do more people need to become aware of your brand, or do you want to convert more audiences into leads and customers? Generally, it all comes down to what best fits your needs. You may want to develop a branding campaign that helps get your business out there in some cases. In others, getting people to enter and travel down the sales funnel will be the objective.

It helps to think about where your target audience is currently at in the buyer's journey. One segment may be at the awareness stage as they look to learn more about you, while another may be closer to the decision stage when they're ready to take action. You can then decide which campaign is ideal and cater it to your audience's position.

Use Branding or Call-to-Action Campaigns Based on Your Goals

With a deeper understanding of the importance of branding campaigns along with call-to-action campaigns, you can determine when to use one or both. Every business will benefit from using both at some point, but a goal-oriented approach to advertising will help determine which to use and when. You'll also want to consider where your target audience is in the buyer's journey.

If you're unfamiliar with branding and call-to-action campaigns, they can be challenging to develop and navigate based on your audience and goals. Thankfully, you don't need to go it alone with the help of an experienced media partner. A dependable media partner will work with you to help make this process run smoother. Not only will they help you determine which campaign to use, but they will also guide you through the process of creating your campaigns every step of the way.

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