Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021

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Jan 19, 2021 3:30:00 PM


Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021

A new year is a chance to take your dealership to new heights. Though 2020 brought plenty of unexpected challenges, auto dealerships’ future path is quite clear through 2021. With costs per sale for traditional TV and radio marketing nearly ten times that of digital marketing, an attractive online presence is nearly as important now as is the low prices and helpful staff to back it up. While bolstering your online presence in such a competitive market may seem intimidating, there are some simple things you can do to improve your ROI on advertising and marketing and get better results. Check out these four automotive marketing tips to maximize your dealership marketing in 2021.

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1. Optimize Your Website for SEO Purposes 

Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021SEO is increasingly important as competitors continue to incorporate more of their marketing strategies into their online presence. Standing out in the crowd is always important, and though some shoppers may come into your dealership without interacting online first, many will do their research before shopping. Social media, third-party listing sites, and even news coverage can drive traffic to your website, but search engines are an excellent way for most buyers to find your site. Though people will often search through results for a deal they want, it’s better to be the deal that appears first.

Incorporate local keywords

Incorporating local keywords into your SEO strategy is essential. Neighborhood names, city names, county names, even nearby airports will increase the chance that your products rank highly on searches from consumers most likely to buy them. As consumers commonly search for a vehicle and its location to assure close proximity, you could reach more consumers in the area by targeting those within your dealership's service area.

Use keywords relating to your inventory

Drive the traffic that wants what you offer by incorporating keywords surrounding your niche in the market and showcasing your inventory. If you are the exclusive provider of a certain make in the area, integrate those keywords onto every page and digital ad. This will ensure that a local buyer searching for your specialty near you should find you as a top result.

Make sure that your website is user-friendly

For many, your website will be their first impression of the business. The front page will come before the handshake with the dealer or before a test drive. It will even come before they see a price often. With so much competition, a bad experience on a website can turn consumers away.

Mobile optimization

A high functioning mobile site is absolutely essential. Younger shoppers physically visit 50% more dealerships than generation X. The new generation of auto buyers are happy to visit physical lots, but reviewing your website can help drive them to your dealership.

2. Highlight Customer Testimonials 

Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021Though online marketing takes more prevalence today, time-tested methods of standing out in the crowd still have a place in a comprehensive marketing strategy. Customer testimonials are still an essential part of building trust, which can increase sales. Testimonials create an emotional and personal connection for your dealership, and having a potential customer identify with a previous customer's positive experience will drive more business to you. These testimonials can be incorporated into TV commercials, social media ads, online videos, and of course on your website. The opinions of your customers is important to buyers; research shows 68% of buyers rely on reviews and testimonials for automotive purchases.

3. Incorporate Car Buying Trends

Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021Buying trends are incredibly important to plan your media strategy year round. Automotive seasons are relatively predictable, and you should be prepared and have a marketing strategy working towards the big events. The trends on what is being bought in your area can also help you know what to advertise when.

What's selling

Pay attention to what's selling in your area. You want to advertise products that are attractive to your potential buyers. Look at reports for your area, ask locally, post a poll on social media so you can promote what your customer base wants at the time.

Selling seasons

Early spring, amid tax refunds and warmer weather, is typically the busiest time for selling vehicles. Targeting content and advertising resources leading this season is critical for success. During other times of the year, dealerships should plan for the autumn's new model releases. Lot clearance sales and new vehicles with attractive prices can increase buyers, so it’s essential to prepare your marketing strategy. When customers need information about new models, you want them to get it from you.

The off-season

Though it can be tempting to use all your advertising resources on the big seasons, the way to maximize your dealership marketing is to remain consistent through the off-season. Brand awareness and familiarity will help drive business to your dealership. Your efforts in the off-season will yield sales, and they'll lay essential groundwork for busier times.

4. Provide Unique Offers

Top 4 Ways for Auto Dealers to Maximize Their Marketing in 2021Customers want to feel like they are getting a good deal. Sometimes the two customers with the same deal can walk away feeling very different levels of satisfaction. The perception of the deal is just as important as the price. Offering a unique discount or a promotional offer will help a customer walk away feeling like the got a good deal. 

What can your dealership offer that others can't? What makes customers come back to you? What makes your dealership stand out? Once you start to answer these questions, you can begin to find unique ways to incentivize buyers that create an individualized personality for your business- one that customers remember.

Following these automotive marketing tips, is a step towards maximizing your dealership marketing. Utilizing unique offers and testimonials to drive business through your site by reaching a wider audience, you get more out of your marketing. You can achieve much more market penetration with less investment using these methods, but consult a trusted media partner for more help. Having expert support in marketing is invaluable and the way to ensure the highest ROI for your marketing efforts.

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