Top Reasons You Should Buy Digital Through a TV Station

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Feb 10, 2021 2:00:00 PM


Top Reasons You Should Buy Digital Through a TV Station

With the high appeal and efficiency of digital marketing, many companies don't consider buying digital assets from a TV station. People don’t think that TV stations also have the resources and experience for digital advertising, but that isn’t the case. With 9 out of 10 Americans watching TV weekly, this powerful marketing channel can put you ahead of the competition.

Working with local and national stations can provide numerous opportunities from valuable insights into target audience behavior to combine TV and digital marketing tactics.

Let's take a closer look at why you should include TV in your next digital marketing campaign.

Learn How To Integrate Your TV and Digital Ads

TV Stations Have Valuable Educational Resources

Top Reasons You Should Buy Digital Through a TV Station

The majority of TV stations have access to valuable educational resources like market research provided by MNI Targeted Media, Nielsen's studies, statistics, surveys, ad campaign analytics, and much more.

By taking advantage of this information, you can adjust both TV marketing efforts and your digital campaign, learn more about the target audience, and improve the overall marketing ROI.

With the number of TV households in the United States going up, TV stations are working hard to improve their offering to meet the demand. This creates new educational resources and marketing opportunities.

Besides reaching specific segments of the target audience, working with a TV station can help you gain critical insight into user behavior and streamline buying digital ad space.

Educational resources provided by TV stations are usually beneficial for omnichannel marketing campaigns.

TV Has a Broader Scope of Viewers

More than 4.6 billion people use the internet worldwide, and about 1.7 billion watch TV. It's not always the same people. If you want to reach specific segments of your target audience, you may not be able to do it solely through online marketing.

For example, adults aged 65 and older spend much more time watching TV (over four hours a day) than they do browsing the Internet (average time spent on social media is a little over an hour).

Meanwhile, local TV stations allow you to reach the community, which is likely to tune in for local news and information.  

Top Reasons You Should Buy Digital Through a TV Station

Working with a TV station for both TV and digital marketing allows companies to reach audience segments, which aren't readily accessible through other marketing channels. By collaborating with specific TV channels, it's also possible to put your ads in front of the audience, geared toward buying certain products and using particular services.

Companies that work with TV stations are often ready to explore digital with their media partner to ensure they provide a seamlessly integrated experience for their clients. Besides combining TV and digital marketing campaigns, it's imperative to help them work together without conflicts.

TV and Digital is Better Leveraged Together

Top Reasons You Should Buy Digital Through a TV StationToday, consumers expect brands to reach them across different channels. That's why integrated marketing is quickly becoming the new normal. While buying digital ad space online, marketers are looking into TV and radio advertising.

According to a survey, 58% of consumers prefer TV ads to other mediums. That's why implementing TV into your marketing campaign can be highly beneficial. While TV ads can't replace other mediums entirely, they can increase advertising effectiveness by 40%.  

Many segments of your target audience are likely to use both TV and the Internet. By influencing their purchase decisions over these two mediums, you can have an easier time pushing them down the sales funnel.

TV stations are an excellent opportunity for influencer marketing, giving you a chance to reach your target audiences through people they trust. It’s often much easier with a media partner to secure an influencer marketing opportunity than through social media or other digital channels.

Combining TV and digital becomes more manageable if you choose to work with a media partner. By having one team deal with your advertising, you eliminate confusion while creating a seamless collaboration opportunity.

A single team ensures a consistent branding effort across all channels, which is highly important for brand awareness tactics. When clients receive the same message on TV and online ads, they are more likely to keep your company in mind when making a purchase decision.

Compared to hiring multiple teams, working with a media partner can help you save time and money while getting the best out of combining TV and digital.  

Streamline Your Digital Marketing Campaign by Working with a TV Station

Working with a TV station can help you reach the target audience, improve your local marketing efforts, gain access to valuable educational resources, and much more.

By allowing the same team to handle both TV and digital marketing, you can cut costs while improving the marketing ROI and achieving business goals.

If you are looking to diversify and optimize your marketing campaign, combining TV and digital by working with a media partner could be an efficient solution. 

Integrating Your TV and Digital Advertising Effectively

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