TV Awards Show Season is Marketing Gold: Top Ways For You to Benefit

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Feb 2, 2021 4:45:00 PM


TV Awards Show Season is Marketing Gold: Top Ways For You to Benefit

The TV awards show season is typically a time of year when many people watch TV and are also highly active on social media. Whether it's the Tony’s, the Grammys, or another awards show, people tend to get absorbed in watching their favorite celebrities, and want to see them gain industry recognition for their talent. 

Of course, many program viewers are also active on social media at the same time. A few years ago, a study by Facebook found that 94% of project participants kept a smartphone on hand while watching TV — making mobile devices nearly as ubiquitous as remotes when it comes to TV "companionship."

With that in mind, how can your company advertise around awards shows to maximum effect? Here are three suggestions that can help.

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1. Run Commercials the Week of an Awards Show

TV Awards Show Season is Marketing Gold: Top Ways For You to BenefitThe first thing you can do is invest in commercial slots adjacent to the awards show, such as spots earlier in the week. This is a great way to leverage the hype that is always generated ahead of each show to your brand's advantage. By spending for commercials ahead of the event, you'll be able to get your brand in front of consumers interested in the awards program without necessarily paying "top dollar" for the privilege.

Besides, you should look for opportunities to partner with the television station airing the awards show. For instance, explore the possibility of sponsorship or promotion tied to the awards show. If you land such a deal, your brand will likely experience a positive "halo effect" from its association with the event, and you'll foster increased loyalty within your target audience.

2. Create Content Around the Awards Shows

You want your content to have a specific appeal for your target audience; and there's no better way to do that with regard to awards season then to reference (either directly or indirectly) one or more of the upcoming programs. By doing so, your ads will have a strong appeal for the demographics that will watch the show.

TV Awards Show Season is Marketing Gold: Top Ways For You to Benefits an example, if you're a restaurant owner, you could create an ad that talks about what to eat while hosting an at-home watch party for your household. You could include particular items from your menu, along with their prices, and let viewers know when to order to have the food ready for them by the time coverage starts.

Of course, you also want to match your content to those demographics that, based on historical data, are most likely to watch awards shows. For instance, women aged 25-54 are among the most substantial consumer segments for awards shows. Therefore, it's a good idea to schedule your ads to air at least one week before the targeted program across different channels and programs that perform well among that specific demographic.

3. Cross-Promote Your Ads

Finally, you want to cross-promote your ads both before, during, and after the awards show. Why? For the simple reason that, as mentioned previously, many people who are interested in the awards show will be using other devices simultaneously with their TV. They may be looking up behind-the-scenes content, or perhaps they'll be reading articles or participating in forums about a particular recording artist or movie star.

TV Awards Show Season is Marketing Gold: Top Ways For You to BenefitWhatever the case may be, this is an excellent opportunity for you to run digital ads targeted towards that specific demographic. (Remember, 94% of them will probably have a smartphone on hand while watching the show!) Digital marketing can serve as a great follow-up to your TV ads.

Moreover, engaging with your target audience via social media can yield exceptional results. Social media platforms offer users the ability to interact with a like-minded community and enjoy memes from the show, still images, video clips, and so forth. You use these and other social media features to engage with your target audience, ask them questions, and give them a chance to express themselves. This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your brand's personality, in other words, to bring out the "human side" of your company and forge emotional connections with consumers.

Use the TV Awards Show Season to Grow Your Brand

As the above points show, advertising during awards season offers many unique marketing opportunities for companies, no matter which sector they're in. It's no wonder that many feel awards show season is "marketing gold" for brands willing to take advantage. 

If you want to grow your brand throughout the year, you shouldn't neglect TV awards show season. By running well-developed commercials before, during, and after the event, creating program-specific content that aligns with high-value demographics, and cross-promoting your ads across digital and other channels, you'll be able to achieve a high ROI from your efforts.

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