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We are Meredith Arizona. We’re innovators, motivated to push the limits, think outside the box and succeed! We drive change and embrace it. We are passionate about the product we deliver and are committed to the business and audience we serve. We strive to think bigger and do it all with a lot of heart. Because of this, we asked our team why they love working for Meredith Arizona - here's what they said. 

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Brandi RuddickI enjoy working for Meredith Arizona because we have amazing products in our portfolio available to clients that I am confident will be an integral part of helping them grow their businesses. There is nothing more rewarding than a client telling you that your solution had a direct impact on their bottom line; you really feel like you are making a difference.

Steve RauscherI love collaborating with the most talented sales team in the market while being able to offer a superior portfolio of products. I am proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the years and will continue to accomplish through developing strategies that actually move the needle for our local business partners.


Patrick GallagherWith previous employers, they all said, “you can trust me”, only to have them fall short on promises. However, from the moment I met our leadership team, I knew I could trust them…without a word being said. Since then, every time our leadership team has said something would be done, or a solution would be provided, etc., they have always followed through. Trust is huge for me, and this is why I love working for Meredith Arizona.

Bridget Fairchild

There's an alignment between personal and company values and a true sense of belonging. We are truly a family, which resonates in the community and helps us build relationships with our partners. We have the ability to create customized campaigns for our clients utilizing our expansive portfolio of products to ensure success. Meredith Arizona employs the best and the brightest in the industry. We are a cohesive team working together to deliver the best for our viewers and our partners!


Tatiana RojasI love working here because everyone on our team is professional and willing to get the job done. Knowing I can reach out to colleagues or management for advice at any time is truly invaluable. We treat each other with kindness and respect, I really appreciate the environment we’ve created.

Pat BrattonIt’s all about the people. I've had the pleasure to work with and get to know so many amazing people over the years. They are the backbone of our company and what makes it a family. 

Kayla McWilliamsThe team is the biggest reason why I love working here. Especially with me being so new to TV/Media, everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I love how we can have open lines of communication between all the managers. Managers/leadership treat their employees as valued team members and they take our thoughts and feelings into consideration. Despite not being physically in the office I still feel like my team pushes me to better every day and that’s why I love working here. I couldn’t think of a better place to work.

Jae Vonne TeagueI love working for Meredith Corporation because of the amazing people I get to work with on a regular basis. I truly feel the team effort as we come together with one goal in mind – client satisfaction. I also love working for Meredith Arizona because I have always felt supported in both my personal and professional goals.
-Jae Vonne

Robin FlynnThe company culture is the top reason I love working here at Meredith Arizona.  Not only does Leadership support and develop talent within the station, but encouragement from counterparts provides an environment I consider myself fortunate to be a part of. 

Brian CampbellThe people I work with are first and foremost the reason I like working at Meredith Arizona. It is truly a family atmosphere with a feeling of belonging. Management across all departments always has the best interests of the community and of all those who are part of Meredith Arizona. We all work extremely well together and understand our common goals of connecting our viewers to our clients. I am fortunate to have this opportunity to grow and learn from everyone at Meredith Arizona.

Lisa SacksI feel valued and appreciated at Meredith Arizona. The company does a great job recognizing areas where individual contributors are excelling and gives those individuals the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the team. We support each other. When challenges and obstacles arise, we have an “open door” policy where we work toward solutions and are open to sharing ideas and examples of ways we’ve resolved similar situations that are mutually beneficial to our company and our clients.

Andy Lashbrooke

I am proud of the station’s efforts in the community.  It’s very impressive to see the impact of a Christmas Angel or Paul’s Car Wash.

Chris Green

I believe that the core of loving any job starts with how you feel about your management team. Our managers are always asking for our input, they listen to our ideas, and together as a team, we work to implement these ideas. I am appreciated and listened to and it’s nice to have a voice in the direction that your organization is headed. From our managers to all of our sales teams, we all do our best to support each other and there is a genuine spirit of competition, cooperation, and shared goals that culminate in helping our customers find success. And at the end of the day, this is why we do what we do!
-Chris G.

Ray Rios

I love the talented, smart, caring people I work with. I love the creative and solutions-based culture.

Kristy Neick

#1 Reason: THE PEOPLE!!! The culture and the “family” of Arizona’s Family is incredibly special. But beyond this, the solutions that we bring to our clients truly make a difference for their businesses. We have amazing products, integrated solutions and creative ideas that drive proven results for our clients. And to add to all of that, we are able to positively impact our community and our viewers. I am proud to be part of the Meredith Arizona team!-Kristy

Laurel Lawton1. The freedom to create out-of-the-box campaign programs for my clients that speak to the specific needs of their businesses. 2. Working for and with a company that truly embraces the idea of serving the community and doing good things for the community and Arizona as a whole. 3. The PEOPLE! I’ve never worked anywhere where I truly enjoy my colleagues as people and also value and respect them as media professionals. 

Chris LambertI love the fact that we do actually collaborate to get things done. From management, teammates and assistants, we come together to provide solutions and execute for our clients, especially in situations where it doesn’t seem possible. I also love how we rallied during Covid, figuring out how to successfully work from home, and supporting our teammates who had been impacted during that challenging time. 
-Chris L.

Beth WintermeyerWe are truly blessed to have a team that helps create results for our clients. From Sales to Promotions, to News, when we work together, Meredith Arizona is the best in the market for creating impactful outreach programs in our community.

Emma SosnoffI love working here because of the great people and positive atmosphere around me. Everyone is supportive and always willing to provide their help and experience to accomplish our goals as a team! 

Courtney CoadyWorking with people that I like is extremely important to me and I feel that that need is met for me here at Meredith Arizona. I work with the BEST sales team ever and it keeps me motivated and loving my job daily. Everyone on my team shares the same vision and dedication to providing the very best service and results for our clients. In a nutshell, I am very proud to be part of a winning team and the market leader of current events, news, and information.


Karen GableI love working at Meredith Arizona because we are one big family. It's all about working with a selfless team filled with the kindest group of people who go above and beyond to help their co-workers get the job done. Meredith as a company treats employees and their families with generous compassion and care. I feel blessed to work with Meredith.

Kevin McElroyWe have the most experienced, knowledgeable, creative advertising team in the market... providing a great opportunity to learn and help grow our client’s business. Our company empowers us to make the best decisions for our clients with minimal micromanaging, giving us a feeling of ownership in our work/the stations.

Carolyn Mitchell I love working here because I have two great stations to sell and a website that continues to perform above our competitors.

EJ BracaI love working at Meredith Arizona because our work impacts the community, and touches the lives of our fellow Arizonans.

It's clear that the team at Meredith Arizona is passionate about helping their local community find business success. By working with an experienced and passionate media partner like Meredith Arizona, you can leverage our experience, research, and relationships to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage and, ultimately, reach your business goals. For additional information on partnering with this incredible company, contact us today!

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